Books are an indispensable source of information and here I provide a list of some of the book stores which are accessible on-line. The first section lists some useful general stores and the second those which specialises in computer books. A final section lists many of the more useful books on the assembly language.

General Book ShopsDescription
Amazon UK   A large on-line bookshop for the UK.
Amazon US   Amazon in the US
Barnes and Noble   A large US book store
Computer Book ShopsDescription
Bookpool   Discount computer and technical books.
Computer Manuals   UK store specialising in computer books.
O'Reilly Books   Specialises in computer books.
Sybex Books   Specialises in computer books.

Assembly Textbooks

Over the years many textbooks have been published on assembly programming, it is perhaps appropriate to say that there is no one recommended book. Many of the books are useful, but they all cover the various topics in greater or less extent and the choice is obviously dictated by the level of expertise of the reader. I now have a reasonably comprehensive collection of programming books and now find it difficult to buy a new book on assembly which has very much in the way of new material - not that there are many new books published in this field anyway. However here is a list of books with comments on the merits of some of them. They are not given in any order of merit.

Other Books

In this section I catalogue some non-assembly books which I have referred to or own. The books by Petzold and Richter, being particularly useful for Win32 programming.

Having described the above books, which I hope you will find useful, I should mention that I too aspired to be an author and have in fact written a book on graphics programming using assembly, which covers all the essentials of graphics programming and also introduces a lot interesting topics not previously covered in other books. However when I approached the various publishers and literary agents, I was informed that such books do not sell well, now that the emphasis had switched to Windows programming and the current fashion for visual programming. I maintain however that there are still many assembly lovers who want to program "down to the metal" and I have therefore formatted my book into the HTML standard so that it can be viewed using browsers such as Netscape, Internet Explorer or Opera. Using compression it was possible to put the entire book onto a floppy disk, together with all source, the executable programs and the image files, thereby creating an "electronic book" (you do however need need to expanded it to the hard disk). This electronic book is actually now available free to anyone who wishes a copy. More information on my book "Graphics Programming using Assembly"  is provided in a synopsis .