Download Section

This section is provided for programmers who wish to obtain examples of various various programs. These are written for either the DOS or Windows platforms. The first selection is the good old DOS stuff, and this needs to run in the DOS mode. Next I provide selection of examples of Win32 programming using assembly. For these programs you naturally you run under Windows 95/98, or perhaps even Windows NT; most programs should work but I have not yet had opportunity to check them out in this enviroment. All demonstations, contained both the source code and the actual program. The last part contains some useful code from various souces and various authors.

Free Graphics Book

My DOS book "Graphics Programming using Assembly" is now available for free ! So if you are a DOS programmer and want a copy, then just click here to download.;   Click here for a synopsis

DOS 16 bit Demonstration Programs

If you want to try out some of the interesting DOS programs that can be created using assembly, please look at the list of files below and download any that interest you. All files are in compressed form and contain both the working program and the source code. They should be executed in DOS mode. If you want to assemble and link a given program, then it may be necessary to resolve some "unresolved external references"; these originate from calling external subroutines within the "GLIB" library. This library is also available for download,  together with full documentation on the calling procedures of all the contained subroutines. The source for all my subroutines is contained in my free book   "Graphics Programming using Assembly"; see the synopsis for more details.

Win32 Demonstration Programs