Links to Useful Information

In this section I provide information and links to a varied assortment of sources; i.e to web sites etc and find it convenient to keep together as a quick source information for my own use. I hope it is also of use to fellow minded programmers.

Assembly Links

There are numerous sources of assembly information on the Internet and it would be impractical to list them all here. I have instead selected some of the more interesting sites so that you can link to them for your own perusal and discover some of the many assembly resources which are available. You might care to email me if you know of a particularly interesting site.

Web Sites

Assembly Programming Journal A free online journal for subscribed programmers which comes out every two months.
Dr Dobb's Journal Has articles on assembly programming and source code
Chris Dragan Has Windows programs written in assembly language, some utilities and a useful a useful 3D Functions viewer.
The Freecountry Free programmers resources and lots of information
Chris Ludloff A good source of information on 80x86 processor
Programmers Heaven A useful site with coverage of many topics, including assembly, graphics and windows programming.
Tomcat A Win32 programming site for assembly programmers with useful links to other sites, tools and tutorials

Assembly Libraries

Asmlib 4.0 Shareware library by Douglas Herr. Source available for a fee
Assembly wizard 2.1 Shareware library by Chris Walker. Source available for a fee
Alib 4.0 Jeff Ownens shareware library. Has over 400 source files

Documentation Links

Extreme Programming This site has a wealth of information on Win32 programming, including optimisation. Well worth a visit.
Intel Architecture Optimisation Manual Invaluable information on the optimisation of code !
OPENGL Information about using OPENGL graphics.
The Operating System resource centre A valuable resource by Chris Lattner with information relating to OS software and hardware. Topics covered include partition information, driver interfacing, details necessary for interfacing to various perpherals etc, etc !
SIGGRAPH Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics; information, publications, workshops etc.
VESA Standards          The latest 3.0 VBE standard. This site has information on using the VBE graphics and text modes


Many programs are based on a fundamental mathematical relationship, such as an equation, or an iteration technique which converges to give a required solution and when we need to program a solution, we can refer to a suitable textbook, contact a friendly mathematician, or obtain the information ourselves from the Internet. With the first option, the books may have been long discarded, even if we know which one we want and the mathematician often does not explain things clearly enough to the layman. We are therefore often left to our own resources and this section will provide some useful links to help you. You might care to email me if you know of any useful sources of information so that I can add them to the list.


Geometry in Action Articles on discrete & computational geometry and real time applications
The Beauty of Chaos Covers the Mandelbrot set, etc and has many pictures
The Geometry Junkyard A magnificent collection of mathematical topics, with many real-time demonstrations.
Spanky Fractal Data Base A useful site for fractals.
3D Strange Attractors Interesting collection of 3D strange attractors and similar objects.

Miscellaneous Links

Books on "hacking and cracking"; cable, satellite, smartcards, etc (for the adventurous)
Crackstore    Many useful tools for disassembly, password breaking etc. Programs such as SoftIce, Sourcer and TASM are available for download.
Electronic Frontier Foundation    Organisation believing in free information. It has information on encrypting, crypting etc.
Symbols    A site with thousands of symbols for all types of use. Go here if you want a symbol or wish to identify an unknown one.